Celtic Decor

We offer a selection of Celtic and Norse decor items for the modern home.  Here you will
find a selection of wall hangings and statues as well as items for outdoors.

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Department Selections

  • Viking & Asatru God...

    Our selection of Norse statues features images of the Viking and and of Norse gods
    as well as important symbols from Norse mythology.

  • Celtic Tapestries

    These beautiful tapestries make for wonderful wall hangings and are large
    enough they could also be used for bed covers.

  • Celtic Curtains

    These beautifully designed Norse curtains make
    for a unique look to any room.  

  • Asatru Wall Hangings

    From Asatru posters perfect for altar spaces, to clocks and plaques for any
    empty spaces, these wall hangings make a beautiful and useful
    addition to any room.

  • Celtic Outdoor Decor

    Featuring a selection of outdoor Asatru decor suitable for decks, porches,
    patios or outdoor altar spaces.