Thor's Hammer Jewelry

A hammer for everyone!  We have collected the largest selection of Thor's hammer jewelry
around.  With hammers of every make and size you are sure to find the perfect
Mjolnir for everyone in the family.  The majority of our current selection
includes pendants and a pewter bracelet.

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Department Selections

  • Bronze & Brass Thor's...

    Here you will find our selection of bronze Thor's Hammer pendants and brass Thor's Hammer pendants.
    Our bronze and brass pendants come in both solid and plated metals. 

  • Pewter Thor's Hammer...

    Ranging in size from one inch tall to just over two inches, we have a wide selection  
    of pewter Thor's Hammer pendants to choose from.  All of our pewter Mjolnir
    jewelry is made from lead free pewter.  

  • Silver Thor's Hammer...

    All of our silver Thor's hammer pendants are made of solid Sterling Silver.  Each piece is handcrafted
    by our master smiths.  Our Runic Mjolnir customizable pendant is a customer

  • Gold Thor's Hammer...

    Our gold Thor's hammer pendant is available in 14k white or yellow gold.  Made to order, this
    pendant is has many customizable features.

  • Titanium Thor's Hammer...

    Incredibly light weight and strong, our titanium Thor's hammer pendant features a beautiful
    mirror finish shine.  

  • Other Thor's Hammer...

    Thor's Hammer jewelry crafted from various other materials.