Ritual Tools & Clothing

Rituals performed in Asatru can range from simple to quite elaborate.  We offer a wide selection of ritual tools
to help you perform yours.

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Department Selections

  • Ritual Bells

    Ritual bells have been used since the ancient times.  They can be used to mark important points
    during a ritual or to clear the space of negative energies.

  • Cauldrons

    Cauldrons hold many uses for Asatru rituals.  Cauldrons can be used for mixing,
    cooking and burning during rituals. 

  • Mortars

    One of the most ancient tools, mortars and pestles are and essential part of any ritual that
    requires items to be crushed or ground.

  • Offering Bowls

    Offering bowls can be used in rituals or alongside prayers to make offerings to the gods and goddesses.
    Some can also be used as incense burners.

  • Ritual Utensils

    Designed to help aid you in your ritual these tools will help you hold, measure and grind your ritual components.

  • Athames

    An athame is used for protection during rituals or can be used on an altar in a symbolistic manner.
    Athames are generally not used for blood offerings.

  • Ritual Chalices

    Beautifully crafted chalices featuring Nordic and Medieval designs.  
    Most are for offering use but some are for suitable for drinking from.

  • Ritual Clothing

    Ritual clothing and accessories