Asatru Books & Journals

Asatru Books & Journals

Asatru books including reference, historical and mythological resources. We also offer a line of beautifully crafted journals with 
your favorite Norse images as well as a selection of beautiful and unique Yule Cards.

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Department Selections

  • Asatru Books

    Our selection of Asatru books has been compiled to help guide all followers of Asatru.  From myths
    to history, the must have saying of the 
    Havamal to the epic sagas of the Vikings
    these books will help guide you down the tru path of Asatru.

  • Blank Journals

    All of our Celtic journals are printed or embossed with your favorite Norse images. Journals are an important
    part of being able to keep track of your work and can be used in many ways. You can use them at your alter
    to keep track of your rites and ritual notes or keep track of favorite spells.  Keep a journal at your desk to
    record your thoughts and feelings or creating stories of your own or keep one beside your bed to record
    your dreams. Remember the gods speak to us in our dreams and you’ll want to remember what they say. 
    You can also keep a journal of your rune castings as well. Journals are good to have around for
    everyday writing as well, we all need to write grocery lists!

  • Asatru Greeting Cards

    The beauty and deep insight portrayed in these stunning cards is outstanding and some of the best we could find.
    Their beautiful colors and designs guarantee they will be loved by all who send and receive them.