Altar Furniture

Beautifully crafted altar tables, altar cupboards, altar boxes and book stands for your ritual spaces. Tables can be used
with or without altar cloths. Use cupboards and boxes to store herbs, offerings and supplies when not in use.

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Department Selections

  • Altar Tables

    An altar table is the cornerstone of your worship place. It provides a surface on which to give your
    offerings and perform your rites. Altar tables come in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit every
    space and personality. These altar tables are suitable for small spaces and are portable.

  • Altar & Herb Cupboards

    Altar cupboards are small tabletop cupboards to use in your altar space. Use altar cupboards to store herbs,
    offerings, incense, and tools when not in use. These altar cupboards are intricately designed and could also
    be used as elegant and unique jewelry boxes.

  • Altar, Herb & Tarot Boxes

    Fabulously crafted these small altar boxes are suitable for any number of uses. Use these beautiful altar boxes
    to store herbs, cards and ritual tools. These altar boxes are also great for jewelry, trinkets and small photos.
    Several of these boxes come with hasps that can be locked with small padlocks for safe keeping.

  • Altar Stands

    Book stands are the perfect addition to your altar space offering an elevated place to hold your books open
    while you perform your rituals.  While bowl stands serve to hold your ritual offering bowls or incense
    burners while you work.  These beautiful wooden pieces add a touch of nature to your altar space.