Asatru Jewelry

Asatru Jewelry

Our jewelry lines are handcrafted by master craftsmen and many pieces are made to order
giving you the ability to customize your piece.  We offer a huge selection of Norse Asatru jewelry
and Celtic jewelry available in copper, pewter, bronze, brass, silver, gold and titanium.

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Department Selections

  • Thor's Hammer Jewelry

    A hammer for everyone!  We have collected the largest selection of Thor's hammer jewelry
    around.  With hammers of every make and size you are sure to find the perfect
    Mjolnir for everyone in the family.  The majority of our current selection
    includes pendants and a pewter bracelet.

  • Rune Jewelry

    Our rune jewelry selections include pewter, silver and gold rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants.
    From standard pieces to pieces with customizable features you are sure to find or make
    your favorite piece here.

  • Viking Jewelry

    Our Viking jewelry selection is available in an assortment of metals and styles.  
    Each piece has been individually chosen for its association within Asatru.

  • Chains & Accessories

    We offer a small selection of chains and cords to accompany your pendant purchases 
    as well as jewelry accessories such as rune spirals and hair beads.