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About Asgard Gifts

Hailsa! Welcome to Asgard Gifts

  Founded in 2007 by Thor, a lifelong follower of Asatru, and his wife our focus here at Asgard Gifts is Asatru and Vikings. We strive to supply the most complete selection of Asatru supplies available on the web. In our constant search for new and exciting items for your homes and altar spaces our inventory is constantly growing and changing.

 With us help is just an email away. Whether it be questions about items, orders or Asatru in general we are here to help, feel free to contact us anytime. Don't forget to register today to receive our email newsletters and exclusive members only coupons!

 Enjoy your time at Asgard Gifts and may Odin's wisdom guide you!

About Thor

 Well met, My name is Thor and I am the owner of Asgard Gifts. I have been following the Norse path, Asatru, since I was about 17 years of age. To myself it is more than just a belief, it is a way of life.. a way of looking at the world and people around me and helping me be my best and live up to the high standards to which Asatru demands, and these high standards are applied to Asgard Gifts in every way I can possibly achieve it.

 Asgard Gifts was started in 2007 mainly due to the fact that when looking around I found it somewhat difficult to find the Asatru or Norse themed items I was looking for. Between my wife and myself we started up this business for a variety of reasons first and foremost so other people who walk the northern path may find an honest business that reflects the same values and holds the same high standards as they do.

 I hope you enjoyed looking through my store as my goal is to make sure your visit was a good one.

May Allfather Odin guide you.


found this site by accident, great customer service and very fast shipping, also great bang for your buck! Bryan M, MTL
Bryan M, QC

Made my first order yesterday and shipped out same day. Received today! Wow! Super fast processing and professional paperwork. I love the Thor hammer pendants! Bob L, Ontario
Bob L, ON

Asgard Gifts is a great company, they deliver, they quality gifts, they deliver promptly, their prices are reasonable and I would recommend it to anyone.
Mike H, ON

i have been shopping with asgard gifts since they opened i find there products to be well priced good quality and nice variety every order has been delivered quickly nothing broken and everything ordered always in the package never had to wait for a product i would recomend this to everyone.
Starr C, ON

I shopped with Asgard Gifts for the first time and I am so happy with the silver Thor's Hammer and silver snake chain I bought. I live in a conservative Swedish/German community that does not share my Heathen beliefs, so it was important I find a product that I could wear to stay connected to my beliefs without feeling ostracized. Asgard Gifts has super fast processing and shipping. I ordered my product on 54, was shipped on 5/5 and I received the order on 5/12 in Iowa (US). Thank you so much!
Brenda R, IA