Viking Jewelry

Our Viking jewelry selection is available in an assortment of metals and styles.  
Each piece has been individually chosen for its association within Asatru.

Viking Jewelry Please select a department for product selections

Department selections

  • Copper Viking Jewelry

    Our selection of copper Viking jewelry features images important to Asatru. 

  • Bronze & Brass Viking...

    Our bronze Viking jewelry is made of solid bronze while our brass Viking jewelry is made
    of brass plated lead free pewter.

  • Pewter Viking Jewelry

    Made from lead free pewter each piece of pewter Viking jewelry has been selected specifically for its
    association to deities and elements within Asatru.

  • Silver Viking Jewelry

    Our silver Viking jewelry is hand crafted from Sterling Silver.  Each piece chosen for its
    association with Asatru.

  • Gold Viking Jewelry

    Our gold Viking jewelry features several customizable features.  Made of 14k yellow
    or white gold each piece is custom made with each order.