Oils, Incense & Herbs

Offering a huge selection of aromatic oils, incenses and herbs for all of your ritual and aromatherapy
needs as well as all of the essential accessories for each.

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Department Selections

  • Ritual Oils

    Each of the oils we offer have been crafted with care for use in your rituals.  Offering up amazing
    aromas these oils can be used at the altar or just to freshen up your home.

  • Oil Jars

    These beautifully crafted oil jars are designed to make it easy for you to store and 
    carry your favorite essences with you.  

  • Oil Burners

    Use oil burners to tap into the aromatherapy powers of oils and scented waters.  These burners
    use the heat of a tealight candle to awaken your senses.  

  • Incense

    Our incense is available in sticks or cones and a wide variety of aromas.  Incense can be used
    in rituals to connect to deities or can be used to freshen up your home.

  • Incense Burners

    Whether you prefer cones or sticks an incense burner is essential.  We stock incense burners of
    various shapes and styles and sizes from simple to fantastic.

  • Ritual Herbs

    We offer a selection of over 100 types of ritual herbs.  Be it magical or spiritual we cannot guarantee the effectiveness
    or outcome of any spell or ritual these herbs are used for. All of our herbs are dried and for ritualistic purposed only.  
    They are not intended for human consumption. Some herbs are toxic to people and animals, please use with care.