Ritual Candles

Candles are a corner stone of any altar space.  Whether it be an energy or entity that you are trying to
connect with the right candle is a good place to start.  Each candle description includes information
to help you in your choices.

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Department Selections

  • Candles

    Candles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  Candle needs vary by ritual ranging
    from short to long burn times.  Here you will find all candle sizes from tealights to 7 day candles.

  • Candle Holders

    Candle holders offer a functional and decorative side to your altar space.  We have candle holders
    available for tealights, tapers and pillar candle.

  • Candle Snuffers

    Candle snuffers are beautiful, useful and practical addition to any altar space.  Use a candle snuffer
    at the end of your ritual to put out your candles.